Welcome to the Folsom Lake Soccer League Referee Resources Page. This includes Folsom Soccer Club and Folsom Lake Surf.

Recreation (Folsom Soccer Club)

Games are assigned through RefScheduler. Below are the instructions to logon and register:

  1. Goto RefScheduler.net
  2. Select USSF and click on Continue
  3. Select CA-N and click on Continue
  4. Select 6 and click on Continue
  5. Select Folsom Soccer Club and click Login
  6. If it is a first time sign up they would then click the button for New Referee Sign-Up and fill out the form (must select USSF Badge Level 8 at the bottom)

Once signed up, follow steps 1-4 and then just selecting your name from the drop-down menu and typing in your password as step 5.

Games are released on Sunday or Monday for the upcoming weekend games.  You can self-assign to up to 3 games until Wednesday.  On Wednesday or later, you can self-assign to additional games.

Competitive (Folsom Lake Surf)

Games are assigned through GameOfficials. Below are the instructions to log in and register.

  1. Goto GameOfficials.net
  2. Click the link to Create a New Account (if you don’t already have one)
  3. Once your account is created and you are logged in, click on My Assignors
  4. Click Join New Group and use Group/Assignor Number 1786 and Group Access Code 0916
  5. Goto My Availability to provide when you are available to referee. The assignor will assign games based on the games and your experience


2022-2023 Referee Rates

Recreation Duration (minutes) Rate per game
U9-U10 50 $35 solo
U11-U12 60 40/35/35
U13 70 45/35/35
U14 70 45/35/35
U15-U16 80 55/45/45
U17-U19 90 60/50/50
Competitive Duration (minutes) Rate per game
U9-U10 50 $40 solo
U11-U12 60 45/35/35
U13 70 50/40/40 (75/45/45 NPL)
U14 80 60/50/50 (80/50/50 NPL)
U15-U16 80 62/50/50 (80/50/50 NPL)
U17-U19 90 70/52/52 (90/60/60 NPL)
Tournaments Duration (minutes) Rate per game
U8-U10 50 $40 solo
U11-U13 60 40/35/35
U14-U15 60 45/37/37
U16-U19 70 55/40/40

Competitive Reports

Send off Report

Also known as 24 hour report, this form may be used for any competitions in NorCal Premier Soccer.

  1. Please complete the form for any player or coach that you sent off in your match.
  2. Submit one form per individual that is sent off.
  3. When you submit the form, an email will be sent to you with an attachment of the PDF for your records.

Incident Report

Please report injuries, poor or unsafe field conditions, issues with coaches and spectators (before, during and after the game), game abandon/suspension, player and coach pass issues, and any other unusual incident.

For questions contact:

Referee Assigner Chris Roat at chrislroat@gmail.com

Referee Manager Phil Ruehl at phillruehl@gmail.com