The Power of Positive – PCA

The purpose of the league’s Honoring the Game Committee is to ensure the league’s mission and codes of conduct are enforced throughout all soccer activities.

The committee includes coaches, players, and parents from the league’s clubs:  Folsom Lake Surf, Folsom Soccer Club, and Orangevale Youth Soccer Club.

The committee meets face-to-face regularly in Folsom throughout the year.  The meeting’s face-to-face requirement is to avoid potentially lengthy phone calls and multiple emails.  The committee believes this is the most optimized approach to hearing and resolving incidents.  If a committee invitation is declined or ignored, the committee has the authority to suspend the invitee, including the registered League player, until the incident is addressed.

The committee includes various board members and staff members, as necessary.

The committee prepares a report for all incidents.  The report includes the cause for discussion, synopsis of discussion, plan of action, and action review.  The report is filed in the league’s Honoring the Game Committee document archive.

The committee has the authority to take no further action, issue a verbal warning/counseling, issue a written warning/reprimand, issue season probation, issue a suspension, or terminate a relationship.

For more information, please contact the Folsom Lake Soccer League.